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Hallowed Be Thy Name: A Heart Position for Gender Equality

The temptation is always there. When discussing gender equality, it’s easy to let righteous anger in the face of injustice eclipse the call to represent Christ well, even in painful disagreement. On the other hand, we can become so concerned with unity in the body of Christ that we are silent in the face of …

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Mason Alumna Publishes First Book, Casualties, a “Project on Empathy”

When GMU double alumna Kirsten Clodfelter moved to Indiana, she wasn’t expecting to write a collection of short stories about the Middle East. “It just kind of appeared one day,” Kirsten said during a phone interview. While Kirsten may have been gifted with a flash of inspiration, an interesting web of influences began to emerge …

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We Are the 99%: Global Occupation Reaches Lansing, MI

On Sept. 17, an estimated 1,000 people flooded Wall Street in what would become the first in a series of peaceful demonstrations touching over 900 cities in 82 countries. The movement, dubbed Occupy Wall Street, models itself on the Arab Spring, a wave of demonstrations marked by revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya with civil …

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meditation on the chipped mosaic of a clay augur in the form of a fountain.

You are the hill with the laughing face. Beneath you lies the bridge, and beneath the bridges lies the troll. The troll has built a house beneath the bridge and it is the chimney of this house that we see. Sitting on green metal benches oddly designed to match the trash cans (voilà the chicken …