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Reducing the Cost of Doctor’s Appointments at No Taxpayer Expense

As the national conversation around healthcare continues, there are few proposed solutions from the perspective of those of us who would like to see less government spending overall and less government involvement in our health care in particular. As Americans struggle to find ways to cope with the cost of health care, medical students struggle with rising costs of higher education: about 80% of medical students take out loans to pay for their education, with the average student accumulating $251,600 worth of debt. 

Medical student loan debt and health care costs are part of the same problem. One way to lower  the cost of doctor’s appointments is to reduce the amount of medical school debt that doctors have by creating a two-part, tax-advantaged system of debt-free medical school programs and a network of affordable, excellent doctors at no taxpayer expense. Keep Reading…

This op-ed appeared in America’s Future on June 16, 2021. You can read the original article here.

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