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Dear academia: If you want social justice, start by paying your adjunct instructors a living wage


American colleges and universities commonly promote social justice through their departments, curricula, policies, hiring decisions, and campus events. A scroll through campus news, events, course offerings, and scholarly publications will show support for dismantling racism, abolishing prisons, and using government policy to create a living wage.

However, it is equally common for institutions of higher education to pay the majority of their professors poverty-level wages without benefits and to deny them access to career advancement. If universities want to promote social justice, they should start by paying their adjunct professors a living wage with benefits. Keep reading…

This story appeared in The Washington Examiner on December 2, 2020.

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  1. I think that one of the solutions is a national union for adjunct faculty. AFT has a two-tier system, which is, in a sense caste system. Full-time faculty decides about adjunct faculty. I’m looking for people who would like to organize a separate union. Are you interested? Let me know.

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