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What Makes a Neopian?

PET CENTRAL – Most people refer to a Neopian as someone who has a Neopets account and plays Neopets. But why? Shouldn’t a Neopian be someone who actually makes a difference in Neopia? I’m not talking about someone who is rich. There are plenty of rich people. What about the average person, like myself, who has maybe 30k or so? Are they good Neopians? Maybe. Because if you’re like me, you probably spent the other 60k on food, books, and toys for your pet. Personally, I consider myself a real Neopian. Unlike most people, I actually have toys in my Safety Deposit Box and use them to play with my pet. I also don’t feed my pets just so they can battle. Although some people stick their pets in cockroach towers so they don’t have to pay for them, and they do get fed, it’s COCKROACH TOWERS people! I can’t stress this enough, Neopets are your friends! Keep reading…

This op-ed was my third piece ever published. I was somewhere between 11 and 13 years old. Like “Gourmet Foods–Not So Gourmet After All,” I take a moral stand. In this case, I take issue with Neopets users who abuse their pets. On the one hand, I find it hilarious–particularly in how I hold up myself as an exemplary model. On the other hand, I see the beginnings of my passion for justice! Visit the Neopian Times to keep reading.

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