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The Disaster–A Maraquan Story

I am Gondwana, but that is not my full name. I am a striped Shoyru, and I was in Maraqua on the day the whirlpool struck. Many say it was an accident, a natural disaster, but I know the truth. Many also say that no one was harmed, which only a lie everyone wishes was a truth. And no one will believe me. They claim I am insane for thinking these well meaning pirates would do such a thing. But we know the truth. This is my story. Keep reading…

This short story was Alexandra’s second piece ever published. Within the Neopets realm, an unknown disaster had destroyed Maraqua, one of the “worlds.” The short story imagines a hidden, nefarious cause–narrated by a neopet. Visit the Neopian Times to keep reading.

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